The Cold Canyon Fire Journals has a Publication Date

It’s off to the printer and becoming a reality—The Cold Canyon Fire Journals will be published on August 2, 2022. It has its own page on this website, and a press release on Heyday’s website. I’m working now on a great series of events leading up to and after the publication date, so stay tuned!

First Visit After the Hennessey Fire (9/5/2020)

Anxious to see how the area looked after the fire, I drove up to Stebbins once the highway was open again. I was waiting to receive research access to the closed Reserve, but thought it would be good to see what things looked like from the road. It is a stark landscape but a beautiful […]

A Conversation with Bethan Burton (Journaling with Nature Podcast)

Last month, I had the great pleasure of joining Bethan Burton on her podcast, Journaling with Nature. Bethan’s podcasts are so insightful and inspiring that I wholeheartedly recommend listening to all of them! In our conversation, we talked about the work I have done documenting wildfire response at Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve and the general […]

A Discussion with John Muir Laws

In October, I joined John Muir Laws on his Nature Journal Workshop to discuss nature journaling during and after fire. We had a really lovely conversation and the video is now posted on his website.

Lightning and Flames: Stebbins Burns Again (8/17/2020)

I have been studying fire recovery at Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve for five years now, since the Wragg Fire in 2015. It has been an amazing journey watching the ecosystem grow and thrive after the fire. It is almost certain that Stebbins burned again this week in the early days of the LNU Lightning Complex […]

Cultivating a Deep Sense of Place and Time

This was written as an invited post on the International Nature Journaling Week blog. I always feel better when I have a sketchbook in my pocket and a little naked if I’m out in the world without one. I’m a biologist by training and my previous career was in salmon restoration. Then and now, I […]

March Visit (3/5/2020)

At the beginning of March I set off to hike the full loop up to Blue Ridge, down the spine of the ridge, past the homestead and back along the creek trail. It is only a five mile hike, but one that I generally do not have time to do given that I stop to […]

February Visit (2/6/2020)

In February, I felt particularly lucky to be escorted the entirety of my hike by robins. They were busy stripping the stands of toyon of their berries, swooping here and there, calling to each other and scolding me. They would let me get close to them and stand under the bushes for a while, but […]

Ode Volume One: Orcas Island

Last August, I spent a few days on Orcas Island getting to know the Cascade Creek Watershed at the invitation of Ayn Gailey and Sara Farish, authors of the just published Ode Volume One: Orcas Island. Having seen my Orcas sketchbook pages on Instagram (@anthropocenesketchbook), they wanted to include a few of my drawings in […]


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