Wildfire to Wildflowers

ColdCanyonLogo1My Wildfire to Wildflowers blog is part of an illustration project focused on fire recovery at Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve.  I am working to make the fire regeneration process accessible to a wide audience, with insights into general ecology, wildfire ecology, and climate change.

Stebbins is a part of the University of California Natural Reserve System.  The canyon is located in Napa and Solano Counties about six miles west of the town of Winters.

On July 22, 2015, the Wragg Fire started just west of the reserve and quickly engulfed Cold Canyon.  By the time the fire was fully contained on August 5, it had burned over 8,000 acres, including the entirety of the reserve.


Stebbins Cold Canyon is a beloved natural area for local hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The public’s interest in the reserve and its proximity to population centers creates an exciting opportunity for scientists to communicate to the general public the new discoveries that will come from intensive study following this fire.

StebbinsSketchbook4_2019Jun01 copy

I visit Cold Canyon regularly to draw the ecosystem as it responds to the fire, and my drawings are a growing testament to the resilience and adaptability of the plants, animals and fungi that make this area home.


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