Black Lake Canyon Preserve: Ecological Habitats Panel

For their new interpretive panels at Kathleen’s Canyon Overlook in Black Lake Canyon Preserve, the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County commissioned an illustration of the four habitats present in the reserve: Dunes, Peat Bog, Riparian Woodland/Wetland, and Coast Live Oak Woodland.  I researched the animals and plants that can be found in each of these habitats and composed representative scenes that flow from the woodlands through a riparian area, a peat bog, the dunes, to the sea.

The grand opening for Kathleen’s Canyon Overlook was held April 27, 2019, and it was a beautiful day to see the the completed panels for the first time.

Text and graphic design on the panels are by Jamie Creath at LCSLO.

sm Habitats Photo

The full panel illustration:


Dunes habitat:


Peat bog habitat:


Riparian woodland/wetland habitat:


Coast live oak woodland habitat:



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